K-Drama 2013

Every where talks about K-Drama,

Every one talks about K Drama.

If you are a Filipino teenager  you know this trend. for Layman’s term it called  Korean Drama a TV series  from South Korea.

KDrama  stories mostly about teenager’s life, schools, and LOVE.Maybe,that’s the reason  why some teen’s hook on this thing because they can relate on some scenario. Plus the good look of ACTORS.


My cousin’s ask me if I know the guy on his Fb news feed. (Vanessa, see her on my previous blog post) It was a korean and I am not AVID FAN OF A K-Drama’s(viewer lang ako)or KPOP (korean boy band) so I said No! I am not interested on the picture that she showin’ me cause I’m busy scrolling my twitter news feed. She asked me again,“What about him?”. I recognized the guy 0.5 sec. that she showing me from here phone

“Hala! Si lyndon!!😊” (KINILIG) she showed me again another picture of a dog.  “LETTUCE” I replied then ayun, We started searching on the net. We both felt the kilig. 

Until she decided to download the TV series that we watched 4 years ago😉

Before anything else let me introduce you to the main characters of the TV series.




Kang tae-joon😊 Also known as “Paul John Kang” here in Philippines (I used to call him Paul John).

He is a high jump athlete who holds the best record in the World Junior Championship, who is also known for his good looks. After he injured himself, he announced that he wouldn’t be doing high jumps any more. He later regains his lost laughter after meeting his new roommate, Jae-hee, whom he becomes very protective of and eventually falls in love with. He was the second person, after Jang Min-woo, to learn Jae-hee was a girl by overhearing an argument between her and Daniel.  copy paste from google ok, I will be on jail bec.I plagiarized  this explanation

The Girl version
The guy Version of

                                                                    Goo Jae Hee/ JC

Relocated to the US when she was five, she was love-struck when she saw Kang Tae-joon in a high jump competition. Determined to see him jump again, she masqueraded as a male student to transfer to an all-boys Genie High School. copy paste from google ok, I will be on jail bec.I plagiarized this explanation.

200_s (1)
Cha Eun-gyeol/Lyndon here in Philippines😍(Look, his smile)

A charming soccer player who likes to joke around. He is the mood creator wherever he goes. Even though he has many admirers due to his outstanding skill and looks, he has never been in love. He meets and falls in love with Jae-hee, which causes him to doubt his sexuality.  copy paste from google ok, I will be on jail bec. I plagiarized this explanation.

Resulta ng larawan para sa go jae hee cut her hair
Gu Jae Hee cuts her hair and arrives at Genie High under the disguise of a male transfer student.



I was just like!!

giphy-downsized (1).gif
WAAHHHHHHH!! Kahit 12:AM na, I’m screaming!

giphy-downsized (2).gif

Drunken person be like! 😊



18765488_299567523802734_701661654_o18745100_299567477136072_841200899_oScreenshot (166).png18744965_299567473802739_1004138980_o

Screenshot (239).png
This is lettuce, Kang Tae Joon dog.






That’s enough for Gu Jae Hee and Kang Tae Joon Point of View let’s move to

Cha Eun Gyeol 


Screenshot (208)Screenshot (212)

Screenshot (210)
first time he felt some strange feeling to Gu Jae Hee
giphy-downsized (5).gif
he was so confused on his feeling.(his heart beat faster) he thought that he was a “GAY” because he was attracted to a guy. (Goo Jae Hee). He Doesn’t know that Goo Jae hee was a girl.Sometimes he was worrying about his feeling, and it’s end up imagining his future with Goo Jae Hee.

                                                                 Like this😂👇

Kaugnay na larawanKaugnay na larawan

giphy-downsized (4)

O. Ito pa

200w_d (6)


Screenshot (213).png

Joha Heyo 🙈😊
AND Sarangheyo 😊 I love him na Not as Cha Eun Gyeol as LEE HYUN WOO.(his real name)  Look at his smile oh! Dba? Genuine.  The way he smile, nakakahawa tapos ma-iinlove ka sakanya. That feeling. kahit mushroom yang buhok mo. Pogi ka pa din. I follow him na sa Twitter(Even though I can’t understand his tweet, nanjan naman si Bing para e-translate)
giphy-downsized (1).gif
He really love taking selfies siya ata yung original na SELFIE LORD 2012 yun ah.
giphy-downsized (7).gif

Screenshot (171)

Screenshot (173)
Then …


Screenshot (176)

Screenshot (177)
Screenshot (234).png
HAPPY FAMILY! Min hyeon Jae little sister has a crush on kang tae joon

This is Min Hyeon Jae By the way .. Screenshot (255)

Screenshot (273)He was Eun Gyeol room mate.

Screenshot (264)
This is my favorite part. Omo!! Laughtrip

Screenshot (232).png


Screenshot (241)Screenshot (246)

Screenshot (247)Screenshot (248)Screenshot (249)Screenshot (250)Screenshot (251) - CopyScreenshot (252)



Screenshot (280)Screenshot (278)Screenshot (279)Screenshot (282)Screenshot (281)


Seeing him cry, He make’s my tears down my face too. Drama ko noh?  It’s hurt me when I see him crying.

Screenshot (256)Screenshot (257)Screenshot (258)Screenshot (259)

Screenshot (260)

Screenshot (261)
He was a very good Actor. Thumbs Up for you, Hyun Woo.

And also this..

Screenshot (291)Screenshot (292)

Screenshot (293)
🎶If you’re cold take my coat🎵

Screenshot (294)Screenshot (295)Screenshot (297)Screenshot (298)Screenshot (301)Screenshot (302)Screenshot (303)Screenshot (304)Screenshot (305)Screenshot (306)Screenshot (309)Screenshot (310)Screenshot (311)Screenshot (312)Screenshot (314)

Basta Affected ako dito. Dagdag niyo pa yung Sound Track na tumutugtug..


This is how do they found out that Gu Jae hee is a Girl!

Screenshot (283).png

The rumor spread on the whole dormitory 1,2,3,

  1. The Teacher/The Infirmary Doctor

Screenshot (216)Screenshot (217)

2.(The brother of Gu Jae Hee)  Kang tae Joon hear’d everything

Screenshot (186).pngScreenshot (187).png

3. Cha Eun Gyeol

Screenshot (219)Screenshot (220)

Screenshot (223)Screenshot (224)Screenshot (222)

4. To the whole Dormitory

Screenshot (226)Screenshot (227)Screenshot (228)Screenshot (229)

I am not a spoiler LOL. I am recommending this to you. (Yes you,) watch “TO THE BEAUTIFUL YOU” promise kikiligin ka,tatawa ka at Iiyak ka in the End. Like I said a while ago. I watch this Kdrama back in 2013. Tipong OO INA-ABANGAN NAMIN NI VANESSA TOH TUWING HAPON. 4 years ang lumipas. I felt the same way. Superb. Hayy. Hindi akong mag-sasawang ulit-ulitin ka. Promise. I still remember, when I’m a Grade 8 student (I am transfer student from province) one of my classmates gave me a printed pictures of the main cast of this series. Because she know that I am super adik on this TV series.I thanked her so much Lol 😂Simple Joy’s.


Kahit sa TV lang HAHAHA!! hi Kang Tae Joon. I hope I do this to Cha Eun Gyeol too. The purpose why I want to watch this on TV instead on Laptop is Feel na feel ko.

before I officially end this article, I want to share some QUOTATION that mark on my head while I watching this …



Screenshot (230)Screenshot (231)


if you want to watch To the Beautiful You just CLICK THIS.

(Waitt.. Harry Styles coming here in Manila in 2018. I need cash Php 6,890 LOL.) convert it to your Currency pls. have mercy on me🙏 😂

  Gamsahapnida (Thank You) for reading my blog. 😊



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