BAE. I made a blog for my “POETRY AND POEM” only. But, Adventure’s, and Moments like this must be posted and shared too. So, here’s  my 1ST ADVENTURE BLOG. 

The day before this day come. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, It’s been a year since I went on the Amusement Park and  rode on the killer rides. This is my FIRST TIME in Star City.

Ang Plano talaga nila is ENCHANTED KINGDOM. Excited talaga ako nun nung sinabing “EK”. Then the day forward ayun nagbago ang isip at  “STAR CITY” na lang daw

So here are some pic of ME(. On the way to STAR CITY. Wala namang traffic mga bess, Enjoy nga yung biyahe from Novaliches(My Cousin’s House) to Star City. We took some snapchat for us not to get bored(exam, HAHA. Joke)



One of my Favorite😂


We reached on our destination 1:45PM.


Meet my cousin’s , The Squad.

Our first ride They call this Drop Tower

From Left to Right. Ian, Me, Gio and Vanessa.

They’re not smiling, Pressures ON. HAHA!😂



I saw here my coquettish Sorry, We have no time to talk(charrott!) 

                      Si Captain. Jack Sparrow.😉

18579175_1046070902161148_1071717027_n (1)

Me, Texting LOL! Praying that leaves wouldn’t slap my face. Very close na kami sa isa’t isa. for me, this ride was not scary or make me feel na there’s a butterflies on your stomach. Parang There’s nothing happened. But when I saw the Video? “TOTOO? GANTO YUNG PAG DUYAN??, BAT DI KO NA FEEL?” Seriously, No kidding. Di ko naramdaman, I foucused kasi sa Puno, yung dahon parang MASASAMPAL NA NGA KO NUNG DAHON SA SOBRANG LAPIT. 😣

You can check the video on my Twitter, (if you find it,nice stalking)

 Warning: Languag😅

NEXT !!!


Jusmeehh!! Ang saya saya na nakakatakot because you know You’re Kalolowa, like Nasa QC na yung katawan mo Nasa EDSA pa lang yung kaluluwa mo. Na-iiwan siya!! Na-iiwan!! 


200w_d (1)

(Sorry baby Harry to use this GIF. You’re reaction here was so accurate on my feeling)❤️️

I’m thinking that I will lose my consciousness that time. Almost 3min. and 57sec. Up and Down riding. Ian, was in the line he was supposed to join us on this ride, but he back out he was sitting beside on my right side then he said “Parang di ko kakayanin toh, Ba-baba na ako” Good thing is he said it earlier yung tipong hindi pa umaandar!

Ang saya saya na wala yung Negative vibes sa katawan ko, Na-daan sa sigaw. Tapos wala pa masyadong Pila.

Nakaka-sad lang. STAR FLYER was Close under maintenance mga bess. then the Ferris wheel. Di din kami naka-sakay kasi UMAAMBON BAKA DAW MA ANO.. !!Tapos yung STAR DANCE UNDER MAINTENANCE DIN😞  Pero masaya pa din kasi we Ride on the Jungle Log, LOL. MUKHAAN! Tapos yung SNOW WORLD.




(not my photo got this from google)

I want to ride on this, But I have no Companion I know that the 2 little boy’s will never ride on this, Vanessa also said NO. So ako lang mag-isa? Ayoko nga mag-isa.😅 Well, maybe next time😞

And that’s it! Oh!! before I forget,

I have a TIP for you, when you are riding on the UP & DOWN VICE VERSA Rides. Close your eye’s or cover it with your hands, So that, you can’t see whats going on, It wouldn’t feel you groggy. (Unti lang) maniwala ka, proven ko yan!😉

-That’s all. Time check 3:24AM hows my blood going? anemia? .


                                              Abangan mo ulit next post ko Ha!

                                                                  BA’BYE 😊


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